Kids & Pets

Childrens Houses and Playsets ...ask Dave!

Playground Areas

DeckingDave can build home playground areas for kids, with all manner of wooden structures for fun activity such as climbing frames, swings, see-saws, sandboxes, platforms, towers etc. If safety is a concern, all or some of the play area can be laid with soft rubberised flooring.

Give the kids a place of their own – ...ask Dave!

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What kids wouldn't want their very own wooden playhouse or den?

DeckingDave can make every kid's dream come true! ...ask Dave!

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Pooch Palaces

For some dog-owners, only the best will do for their four-legged friends! With this in mind, DeckingDave can custom-build a palace for your pooch, with all canine comforts considered – even air conditioning for those hot summer days and restless nights!

Man's best friend shouldn't be sent to the dog-house – pamper your pet with a Pooch Palace! ...ask Dave!

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Tree & Stilt houses

Taking the same idea to new heights, what kids don't dream of their very own tree-house? Even if your garden lacks suitable trees, you can simply elevate on stilts, with access by wood or rope ladder. ...ask Dave!

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