Garden Retreats

Courtside Cabins

Algarve quinta do lago wood tennis pavilionFor properties with their own tennis court, a wooden courtside cabin makes the perfect match! Custom-built to your own specification, whether a simple shaded seating area, or a more elaborate construction with changing room, shower room/WC, and storage space.

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Archipods in the AlgarveNot only are we the only suppliers of "Archipods" in Portugal but our collaborative designers "Zen Architects" are creating some absolutely unique garden retreats.......ask Dave!

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Algarve wooden gazebo almancil

A gazebo is a free-standing wooden structure, usually a place for shady relaxation in a garden. It normally has a peaked roof (of wood, tiles or thatch) and fully-open or latticework sides, or sometimes fenced, and in warmer climes may incorporate screens to keep out flying insects. Usually a polygon with 6 or 8 sides, although sometimes round or simply square, a gazebo may take advantage of an all-round view. A traditional feature is a surrounding flower bed, traversed by a short path or steps to the gazebo.

DeckingDave can build any kind of gazebo, bringing an eye-catching feature to your garden and a place of welcome repose on a sunny Algarve afternoon...

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Pergola in the algarve quinta do lagoPergolas are often used to shade a terrace, a walkway or a transition from one garden area to another. They may be free-standing or extend along a building, comprising a series of wooden uprights with overhead crossbeams, often offering a framework for a canopy of climbing plants or vines. Sometimes there may be sufficient space to set a bench seat or even a table and chairs underneath.

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Garden Shed in the AlgaqrveSheds are great extra storage solutions or workshops - and of course they can be made as comfortable as you like ;) ...ask Dave!

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Small offices

Garden offices for Algarve propertiesGarden offices are a new and interesting trend. Many people nowadays work from home, using a spare room as office, study or studio. But for some it can be difficult to separate 'home' and 'work' mentalities in the same building.

An office located away from the house in the garden / grounds can offer the calm focus necessary for productive work – and to enjoy coming home after! Furthermore, a garden office can be usefully set apart in terms of its own running-costs.

DeckingDave can create the perfect working environment in the calm surroundings of your own garden. Built to high specifications, incorporating energy-saving heating/cooling plus thermal and acoustic insulation, a stylish garden office can be comfortable whilst efficient, restful whilst inspiring. Small enough to comply with planning laws, it nonetheless adds space, value and appeal to a property. For business minds, or those needing a creative retreat, a garden office is the perfect place of work.

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Spa Sanctuaries

spa and hot tub decking and shadingImagine the luxury of your own hot tub sanctuary at the bottom of the garden - a wooden hot tub building with its own solar panel system to provide hot water. Now this luxury can be realised with DeckingDave...

For the ultimate in spa luxury, the construction can even incorporate retractable walls (folding or sliding) to convert it for outdoor use during those balmy Algarve summers.

For spa decadence – ...ask Dave!

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